Welcome to Chaos & Clarity!

Don't worry, it's me - Julius Bachmann

Welcome to Chaos & Clarity!

No worries, it’s still just me, Julius, writing these lines. I decided to spin out my writing under its own brand. After three years, I wanted to show this project some well-deserved respect!

With Chaos & Clarity, I will continue to cover the messy human topics (Chaos) and practical frameworks to navigate entrepreneurship and life (Clarity). Infused with personal stories and a big heap of personal curiosity.

If there is anything in specific you’d like me to write more about, please (!) hit reply and let me know!

On the menu today: Updates!

This is an update episode, as I’ve understood many of you are interested in what’s going on for me. Life has been positively overwhelming in the last months. In short:

  1. 📚 🧑‍🏫 🎥

  2. 🎸 🎤 🎵

  3. 🔎 🚀 🏦

  4. 👶 📅 💕

For all of you who desperately wondered what I’ve been up to in the last months, here is the full version of my update.

Career Sovereignty: Launching an online course, and maybe a book?

I have learned a few things from my clients and community about career success in the last years. Together with my friend Laura Lewandowski (and our team: Maria & Laura!), I am launching an online course focused on a concept called Career Sovereignty.

Team Career Sovereignty: Laura, Laura, Julius and Maria!

In today's ever-evolving professional landscape, the once revered traditional career paths have morphed into a dynamic blend of job switches, side hustles, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Gone are the days when students wanted to go into consulting and banking, the days when our career narratives were penned by company HR departments. Now, there's an emerging need for professionals to reclaim the reins of their professional destinies. We've coined this as "Career Sovereignty" – the pursuit of autonomy over one's career journey. My friend Laura and I dived deep into this concept and pinpointed five pivotal Systems of Career Sovereignty. These systems provide a roadmap, helping you analyze your current stance and navigate towards a self-directed professional path.

When we shared our plans on social media, a number of leading publishers in Germany reached out about a possible book on the topic. That escalated quickly. Now, we are writing the book proposal in parallel to the course script!

Stay tuned, I will share more about it next week!

My first solo record: Recording six original songs!

For years, I have been dreaming to go back into the recording studio and bring to life some of the coolest music I’ve written since 2018. As I am writing this, I have finished the pre-production (read: preparations) for my new album and booking time in a recording studio in Berlin.

I’ve brought together some of the most talented musicians I know for this project. Now I am peeing my pants, so excited am I about the prospect of going to record with them. Yes, of course will there be a record release party! Yes, you will be able to stream it on Spotify. Of course, we’ll play Coachella main stage. Maybe?

A snapshot from the recording studio… Notice the thinning hairline? Getting old.

How my coaching practice is evolving 🚀

On the coaching side of things (YES, that is still how I spend most of my time & I’m still loving it!), I have structured my products a bit better.

  • First, there's the "Founder Counsel", a specially tailored program for Series A to D tech founders, where I use my background as an investor and scale-up executive to coach my clients, placing a strong emphasis on both ambition and authenticity. This is my original coaching retainer product.

  • Then, as the "Team Confidant", I'm collaborating closely with scale-up teams, going a step beyond conventional coaching. My goal is to nurture both individual founders and their wider teams, focusing on unlocking high performance and transformation. It is a new product that I recently wrote about, and I really underestimated the effort these engagements take. So, I am keeping the number of Confidant clients very low at this point.

  • Lastly, my "Career Transition Co-Pilot" initiative allows me to walk alongside a select few professionals each year. These driven individuals, whether they're serial entrepreneurs, VC partners, or scale-up executives, benefit from my partnership as they steer through significant career shifts within the ever-evolving tech and venture space.

It's been a truly humbling experience to collaborate so closely with so many visionary individuals and teams this year. If you want to learn more about my products, hit reply to this email.

Our team is growing 🏭️ 

Also, we grew the team at Bachmann Coaching, and have welcomed Miriam to support us with accounting and finance - while she is studying for her BA in business psychology. Welcome, Miriam!

Our family is growing 👪

One of the reasons I am pretty strict with my priorities at the moment is that we’re expecting our second child in late February. We are super excited!! Zoe will be two and a half years old when her little baby brother arrives! In my mind, I have tapped out my capacity “before baby” and moved everything else to “after baby”. If things go according to plan (read: messy, out of control), “after” shall begin sometime in the second half of 2024 :)

What I am not working on until 2024

In that light, here is what I am NOT working on in order to make all of the above reach the finish line:

  • My project “Creator Practices.” This project, which may become a course, a book, an article series, or all of these in the future, documents how serial entrepreneurs and artists at the top of their game employ surprisingly similar practices. I’m committed to this project but it’s not my current priority.

  • I am not accepting major Confidant clients at this time. Two are enough for now.

  • I am excited to get back into speaking - after baby. You can hear me speak at Lead Today, Shape Tomorrow in Vienna (Oct 11) and at SuperInvestor in Zurich (Nov 10). I am really looking forward because both of these speeches will focus on private equity and venture investors, in a time when I am mostly speaking to entrepreneurs.

  • Next year, I will grow my team further with a growth hacker & business development exec.