The 2023 Annual Review Guide

Finally, the depressing season of the year has arrived! :

  • If you are into venture capital insights, please check out Andre Retterath’s (Partner @ Earlybird) newsletter Data-driven VC. It is the fastest-growing community of investors who want to digitize and leverage data & AI across their processes to become more efficient, effective, and inclusive. I have been thoroughly enjoying his content over the last couple of months!

  • For everyone interested in holistic sustainability, I shared six tips for “more than just a green image” in DUP Unternehmermagazin. Obviously in German. (Stay tuned for more work on this topic next year!)

  • Book recommendation: Check out Crucial Conversations. I read the book five years ago when I was in a cold conflict and it helped me communicate in a principled and clear way. Today, it is a core part of my coaching library.

It’s that time of the year again.

The Berlin Winter sky settles into impenetrable grey and the temperatures drop to a to Siberian levels. Finally, the depressing season of the year has arrived. Bring on chocolates and copious amounts of Glühwein and cheese fondue!

In all seriousness, I put together some hacks against winter depression a few days ago. Check them out and let me know what else worked for you!

We at Rethink Careers have a gentle but persistent obsession with personal growth tools. And every December, we start foraging the interwebs for the latest annual review guides. This year, we decided to build one ourselves, complete with exercises that have worked for us and questions inspired by our work at the Career Sovereignty Lab. Of course, this follows the tradition that Julian Hourrier and I have started at Journey.

Without further ado, here is the 2023 Annual Review Guide by Rethink Careers.

Why go through an annual review process?

Great question! I have found the year-end review a great ritual to celebrate the year, underscore learnings that got lost throughout the months and rekindle the energy of this year’s highlights.

In short, it really helps to get closure and start the new year with clarity and confidence. 🤍 

We hope this guide helps you give yourself some time to process the year and connect with who you’ve been and who you want to become!

Thanks to the RT team, Julian and our designer Zach!

Team Rethink Careers

PS. if you want the German version, we will release it on Monday. Check my LinkedIn!